Quick Kitchen Tip: When meringues go wrong…


The meringues before they all went wrong – I used a new brand of greaseproof paper which wasn’t particularly greaseproof and they stuck!

When meringues go wrong Eton Mess is the usual “save”.  This happened to me recently, but I have found a new recipe that makes it look like it was deliberate to have chunks of broken meringue.

The Chocolate Meringue Semifreddo from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is easy, delicious and makes a lovely change from Eton Mess.  Just remember to pretend it was deliberate…


An Advent Calendar for a Foodie

AdventI’ve just opened the first window on my first advent calendar since I was at school – I saw the Montezuma’s Advent Calendar on sale on Ocado and went for it!  (although I see it is out of stock at the time of writing, it is available on Montezuma’s website at 25% off).  I am definitely in favour of calendars with quality chocolate in them – I don’t see the point in wasting calories on chocolate which is lower in quality!

The Lindt Milk Calendar looked interesting – but I prefer dark chocolate if at all possible, so the entirely milk chocolate selection didn’t quite tempt me enough.  The Lindt Dark Calendar  tempted me a lot until I saw the price!  It is cheaper on the Lindt website, but you then have to add nearly £4 shipping and having to be in for the postal delivery (as opposed to being able to pick a slot with online shopping).

I very much like the idea (next year) of getting a reusable advent calendar and filling it myself with Dark Lindor Truffles or Dark Ferrero Rocher (I am still in mourning that these don’t come in their own box anymore, and you have to get the milk and white ones too).