About this blog

Welcome to The Educated Foodie – a blog written by a Psychology teacher from London (UK), who loves food and loves to cook, and wants to learn as much as possible about everything related to food and eating.

I’ve always been the type of person who loves food and always looks forward to the next meal. I truly want every single thing that I eat to be amazing and I won’t bother with boring food especially since I resent the calorie wastage. I have always struggled with my weight and have found it very difficult to stay at a stable weight – while at the same time wanting to not get bored of the food allowed on the many many diets I’ve tried.  Having been one of the ‘lost generation’ in the UK who never got any home economics at school, I mostly taught myself to cook, as well as being able to learn off some of the wonderful older women in my life like my mother and godmothers.  This lack of education about health, food, budgeting etc has really annoyed me to the point where I feel I have wasted a large amount of time making mistakes.

I wish there was a modern Mrs Beeton one stop shop of information, but we live in a time where nutritional advice is frequently contradictory and confusing, and at a time when food is getting more and more expensive.  I’ve been learning as much as I can about food, from recipes, to food myths, to the latest dietary and nutritional science as well as about the psychology behind health related behaviours.  So this blog is dedicated to my progress in becoming an educated foodie, so will include posts varying from nutritional science, food planning, recipe reviews, seasonal eating, dieting, household management and so on – all the things required to be a truly educated foodie!

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